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Skins Compression Garments

Skins is a leading manufacturer of compression garments which are used by fitness enthusiasts and professionals. They manufacture a range of tops, shorts, tights and socks that help to increase sport performance and improve blood flow during vigorous exercise. The garments are designed to fit close to the skin, making them are perfect for cycling, gym, running and triathlon use. You can shop from a wide range of skins sportswear for men for all your fitness clothing needs.

Why Wear Compression Garments?

Compression garments appeal to people for various reasons. Some enjoy the aesthetic they provide, others believe they are more comfortable than regular shorts and tops and some believe they improve performance and recovery times after physical activity. Studies have shown that compression bottoms can reduce swelling and soreness, improve blood flow, allow for better joint awareness, help with waste product removal, reduce muscle oscillations and improve recovery times. The performance benefits will depend on the type of exercise you are doing but many people enjoy using compression shorts and tights during gym workouts and running sessions.

Materials of Skins Compression Garments

Skins products are made from nylon and elastane. Many of the products also incorporate a fabric known as Memory MX, which helps to ensure the longevity of your garment as it is a high-stretch yarn. This means that your garment will not sag and will provide comfort where you need it most.

Skins A400 Range

The Skins A400 compression sportswear range has been made with the needs of professional athletes in mind. This is a high performance range, and the major attraction is the dynamic gradient progression feature. This helps to ensure that compression is provided to the parts of your body that need it most, helping to improve blood flow to those areas. Active muscles will receive an adequate supply of oxygen to help improve your performance.

Independently Tested

Whilst there are other alternatives to Skins on the market, no other brand offers as many features or has been independently tested before release. Skins products undergo an extensive testing process, and some of the added features that users will benefit from include UV Protection 50+, temperature control and wicking. The Skins brand is always carrying out research and development to provide the customer with the latest fabrics and technologies that help you to perform at your peak whilst ensuring optimal comfort.

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