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Skylights are not just for show; they are energy-efficient additions to green homes. They allow natural light to come in, letting you save on electric bills, while also making your home look modern and lovely. Although skylights are difficult to install, they are a great investment.

Skylight Placement

One location that skylights will look good in is the bedroom. Not only will you wake up with the morning sun shining down on you; you will not need to open any lights before opening your window drapes as well. For those who are opposed to waking up this way, some skylights have covers and tints that you can remove whenever you want. Otherwise, skylights are great additions to kitchens, foyers and stairways––the place that needs the most lighting.


The safest skylight glass material is made of polycarbonate and not pure glass. This way, if anything falls on top, the glass breaks into small pieces as opposed to sharp shards. There are also skylights made from moulded acrylic as well.

Supplies Needed

Before you decide on getting a skylight, there is still the question of which supplies you need to get the job done. Most roofing supplies are available for putting in skylights, such as Mylar shafts for skylight roofing kits that need to be placed in rooms with ceilings. You may also want to get a diffuser to help distribute the light evenly. If your skylight is easily placed on a panel on your roof, make sure that the roofing sheet materials are compatible with the window you chose.

Faux Skylights

For those that do not want to engage in any construction projects, there is the option of getting an LED skylight alternative. They look and feel like skylights, but they can also save on energy because they are solar powered. All you need to do is place the solar cells on the roof and attach the LED skylight inside the house.

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