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Slasher Push Mowers

A beautiful lawn requires constant care, and every garden owner probably already knows the importance of mowing their lawn. The lawn mower industry has provided many advanced products like robot mowers that quietly do all the work for you. However, these can be quite expensive, and sometimes it really is best to get out a good old-fashioned mower and do the work yourself, especially on nice days when being outdoors is fun. As heavy-duty workhorses, slasher push mowers help you when mowing larger areas.

Push Mower Basics

A push mower is the kind of lawn mower that makes you walk. You cannot sit on it like on a lawn tractor or forget about the mowing at all, which would be the case with a robot mower. Corded push mowers are the simplest form, and they can handle relatively flat lawns. As you do not have to use any fuel with these mowers, you can save money and effort. Basic push mowers generally require some power on your part, as you need to push them further.

Handling Grass Clippings

You might consider the engine power and other such features when looking for a push mower, but you should not forget about the way the mower handles the grass clippings. This indicates whether you end up with a clean garden or, if you want to remove the clippings from the grass, you need to do some raking. Side-discharge models throw the clippings right back out, while lawn mowers with bagging systems collect them, thus reducing the spread of weed seeds. Some mulching machines also cut the clippings into very small pieces, and the clippings act as mulch that adds nutrients to the soil. However, the latter only works when the grass is not too tall.


Generally, the engines on push mowers fall in the range of 140-190cc. Select an engine with more power if you need to deal with tall and wet grass, mulch leaves, or cut down weeds. The side-valve engine is the most basic and least expensive option, while overhead valves and even direct overhead valves provide better performance with less noise and vibration as well as less emissions and smaller fuel consumption.

Cutting System

Push mowers can feature either a rotary or reel cutting system. Rotary blade push mowers have blades that spin horizontally, and they use a sucking and tearing action to cut the grass. The simple rotary design fits many smaller engines, and such mowers can cut grass in many different conditions. Reel mowers have vertically spinning blades that use a scissoring action for cutting the grass. Reel push mowers do not cut high grass too well, but once you have your grass under control, they provide precise and clean cuts that keep the lawn healthy.

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