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Sleeper Earrings

If you’re the type who doesn’t like to take every piece of jewellery off at the end of the day, then sleeper earrings are a great idea. Named this because the earrings won’t hurt as you sleep, sleeper earrings are a type of hoop earring with no back. Instead of having an earring back, the end of the earrings is inserted to make a complete lock, or loop. Some sleepers are inserted into the earring itself, while others do have a slight overhang. There are many different types of sleepers and even some for other parts of the body such as the nose.

Metal Options

There are many different metal and material options when it comes to choosing a pair of sleeper earrings. If your main interest is fashion jewellery, then common metal types would be silver, titanium or stainless steel. There are finer types of sleeper earrings as well, and you can search for sterling silver, gold or gold-plated hoops that easily fit in with a more formal ensemble. Gold does have a tendency to irritate ear lobes if left in for long periods of time, so before you choose sleepers made of gold, check to see if you are sensitive to it.

Colour Choices

When it comes to fashion earrings, there is an innumerable amount of colour options when it comes to hoop earrings. If you’ve chosen a simple metal construction, then colour choices would be silver, gold or rose gold. If you’ve opted for plated colours, you can choose everything from bright green to yellow, black or white. If you’ve purchased sleepers in a set, you may want to choose a set of differently-coloured ones, so you have a pair to match different outfits.

Sizes and Types

Many sleeper earrings are on the small side, as they are often a girl’s first pair of “real” earrings. However, they don’t have to be small. It may be uncomfortable to actually sleep with large hoops, but the sleeper earrings’ design allows them to stay in durably and comfortably, without the fear of losing an earring back and the earring itself. You can choose large or small hoops. Also, not all hoops are perfectly round. You can opt for oval shapes or other shapes, as long as it’s able to enclose within itself.

Nose Sleepers

Choose from a vast amount of different nose sleeper earrings. Once your body piercing has healed and you can add your own body jewellery instead of the starter, a nose sleeper is a great idea. Its design won’t irritate your nose and you can wear it for days and weeks without worry of it falling out or irritating your nose. Just as with regular sleepers, you can choose from an array of metals and colours to suit your personal taste.

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