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Got one to sell?

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If you’re looking for a pet that is as affectionate as a puppy but doesn’t demand your attention all the time, then the perfect companion for you is a rabbit. If you live in a small home or apartment and want a pet, a bunny will make an excellent friend. Unlike dogs that bark or cats that can have rowing matches at 3am, a bunny is generally quiet. This means that you will barely hear a peep out of them, which is great news if you’re a light sleeper.

Rabbits require very little space compared to other pets due to their size. They are quite happy to stay in their rabbit hutch, but may need a couple of hours of exercise per week running around outside their cage in a safe environment. The rabbit hutch doesn’t even need to be that large - it simply needs to be big enough to contain a feeding station in one corner and a litter pan in the other, as well as enough room for them to stretch out.

Start up and continual costs of keeping a rabbit

Like any pet, a rabbit is a financial and lifelong commitment. In addition to the rabbit cage and bunny itself, you will need to consider annual costs such as bedding, food, veterinary care, grooming, flea prevention tablets, a litter box, food dishes/water bottles, and chew toys.

Before buying a bunny, try to spend some time with them to see if their personality fits yours. Rabbits actually have very distinct personalities, and some may be playful while others may be more reserved. If you have your heart set on a bunny, shop online on eBay today for a range of rabbit cages, playpens, and other small animal supplies at prices you won’t find at your local pet store.

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