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Small Animal Supplies

When it comes to small animal supplies, the number one product should be a house. Whether inside or out, animals need a place to call their own. A small animal hard house offers the protection needed to keep little fluffy from becoming dinner for a bigger animal. You love your pet, so keep him protected.

A Place to Play

Purchasing a cage or housing unit with a run gives your animal plenty of room to run off excess energy while still being safe. Runs are not just for dogs; rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets like to run too. Two-story homes are also an option for giving domestic animals room to move around. A fenced area underneath is ideal for smaller yards.

A Place to Sleep

When nighttime falls and the wolves start to howl, you can rest assured that your animal is safe and sleeping away. Keeping out predators isn't the only reason for choosing a housing unit. A pitched roof keeps the rain from dripping down and getting the inside wet. As far as a bed goes, most small animals are happy with a platform that gets them up and off the floor.

A Place to Hide

A lot of small animals like to hide and get away from other pets and possibly even humans. Having a home with a few tunnels or hiding places is a must. When the world gets stressful, it's nice for your animal to be able to get away for a bit and de-stress.

A Place to be Safe

The number one reason for using a small animal cage is to keep your pet safe and away from harm. This might mean keeping out other animals that will hurt your baby, or it can mean keeping your little one from being able to run wild.

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