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Snooza Beds

A pet is something in between a baby and a friend who needs help with a lot of things and like with anyone you care about, you want them to sleep somewhere comfortable. Snooza Pet Products is a Melbourne-based company that started out, and still specialises in, pet bedding and dog beds in particular. Their first dog bed entered the market in 1989, and was followed by their famed Pet Futon. Snooza’s pet bedding is durable but soft and easily washable. They have bedding for outside, bedding for small dogs and for big dogs, and even orthopedic bedding for old dogs and dogs that are recovering from surgery.


There’s broadly two types of bedding for your pets. There’s the simple futon-type bedding, like Snooza’s cushion dog beds and Snooza’s dog mats. These are great for bigger dogs especially, and can also be easily placed inside a dog’s cage or doghouse, or just tucked into a corner. These mats and futons are also commonly weatherproof, which is especially helpful if your dog sleeps outside, but also during wet summers when you want your dog to have a spot to sleep comfortably without having to drag the bed outside every morning and taking it in again in the evening. The other type is more common for small and medium dogs, as well as cats and some other indoor pets. These pet beds consist of a circular or oval mat with a raised lip and faux-fur lining on the inside. These may also have a half-dome roof over them, which allows any pet to tuck its head away from light. Both of these types of bedding are tough and easily washable, but check the listing to make sure if they’re weatherproof.


During the colder months of the year, old or small dogs may need a little bit of extra help staying warm. Pet blankets are commonly made out of the same materials as pet bedding, meaning they are long-lasting and washable.

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