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Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are made to help the snowboard conform to the movements of the rider. In addition to choosing bindings that fit your boot size, there are other factors that you should take into consideration. Not all snowboard bindings on the market are the same so it is important to also choose some that are appropriate for specific riding abilities and terrains. Flow, Union, Burton and Rome are a few of the brands on the market that have an assortment of sizes and styles for men, women and children.

Snowboard Bindings for Beginners

When choosing snowboarding items, like bindings for beginners, it is a good idea to look for styles that offer a fair amount of flex. Bindings that are too stiff can be uncomfortable to use and also do not give the rider enough forgiveness to help compensate for errors during the learning curve. The softest flexibility and even three scales higher are usually adequate choices for beginners. Higher flex ranges require more physical strength, and the soft-medium binder flexibility choices are a good middle ground for snowboarders who have good physical strength and stamina. Snowboard bindings that are easy to put on and remove are good choices for beginners.

All-Mountain Bindings

All-mountain bindings cover the needs of various snowboard riding styles that include freeriding and freestyle riding. These bindings should be soft and flexible enough to compensate for fast turns and other aggressive movements. Bindings that have a medium to medium-hard flex offer more response for those snowboarding on the varied landscapes of mountain terrains. Shock-absorption capabilities of bindings should be chosen to suit the intended riding styles and boots. Freestyle riders tend to need more shock absorption, while beginners need a minimal amount.

Freestyle Snowboard Bindings

Riders who intend on doing aggressive freestyle riding may want to consider snowboard bindings with a medium to medium-hard flex. Freestyle bindings for more laid back freestyle rides with minimal jumps can benefit from soft to medium-soft flex. Aggressive freestyle riders who like to do lots of tricks and jumps need to also have snowboard bindings with high shock absorption to help minimise body soreness at the end of the day.

Splitboard Snowboard Bindings

Splitboard snowboard bindings are made to conform to the special design of splitboards so they feel more comfortable for many types of terrains. These snowboard bindings tend to have closer contact to the snowboard than other types, so riders get the benefit of having more responsive movements. Due to the unique design, the splitboard bindings are relatively quick and easy to put on and take off.

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