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Finding Great Football Memorabilia for Sale

True football fans are a passionate lot who love to surround themselves with mementoes that celebrate their obsession. Football memorabilia collectors will find loads of great bargains when they shop on eBay.

Football memorabilia categories

Souvenirs abound that help football fans keep their favourite teams and favourite players in their hearts. These football memorabilia types include:

  • Autographs: You may be able to score your favourite player’s signature on a photo, a card, or an article of clothing.
  • Clothing: You can choose from shirts, caps, scarves, and even socks. You may also be able to buy a shirt that was worn by one of your favourite players.
  • Photos: Photos, posters, and postcards can commemorate your favourite team in the moment or your favourite team from yesteryear.
  • Badges: Football badges and pins are typically embossed with a team’s crest. Often, they’re struck in remembrance of important victories and trophies.
  • Mugs: Whatever you’re drinking, it’s tastier in a team mug or tankard.
  • Programs: Programs and ticket stubs that recall great games are in hot demand.
What are some good guidelines for acquiring authentic football memorabilia?

People typically buy football memorabilia either because they are diehard fans of particular players or teams, or because they are dedicated sports memorabilia collectors. If you’re a diehard fan, the authenticity of the items you’re bidding on in football memorabilia auctions may not be an important selling point - sometimes the pleasure is simply in ownership.

If you’re a serious collector of sports memorabilia, however, you may want to find out more about eBay Authenticate. When this eBay service gives its seal of approval, you can be sure that independent experts have verified the authenticity of the items you’re interested in purchasing, and you can bid in confidence.

Does licenced football memorabilia have a higher value than unlicensed football memorabilia?

Football teams make money by lending their names to a variety of merchandise. Licensed sports memorabilia frequently has a lower value than unlicensed football memorabilia, actually. Why? Because they are typically mass-produced, which makes them a commodity. Like all collectables, the value of football memorabilia is based on a number of criteria. The most important of these is rarity.

The older an item is, the more likely it is to be rare. Authenticated football antiques can be worth a pretty penny, and this is particularly true of souvenirs like autographs and programs.