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Socks For Dogs

While most people would probably laugh at the idea of putting socks on dogs, there are many reasons for covering your dog’s feet. Socks for dogs come in a variety of sizes and shapes so there is a pair out there for your pooch. You may like to put socks on your dog just for fashion and can choose from different colours and designs, so your pup can have stylish feet just like you. Have a look at the other more practical reasons why socks are a good idea for your dog.

Socks for Warmth

Just like us, dogs can get cold feet especially if they are living in wintery conditions and spending time on cold or concrete floors. By wearing socks, your dog can keep warm feet on any surface. You may like to purchase a dog’s sweater so your pet’s body can keep warm as well.

Socks for Slippery Floors

You may have lino or tile floors in your home that are very slippery, so your pets end up sliding across them. You can avoid this issue by allowing your dog to wear socks that have grips on the bottom so that it can walk comfortably across the floor without slipping everywhere. Non-slip dog socks also can help protect your floor, as they will stop sharp claws scratching the surface.

Socks for Wound Protection

If your dog has an injury on one of his paws and won’t stop biting it, putting some socks on him will stop this problem. He will not be able to remove the socks by himself so will not be able to get to the wound. If the injury is the kind that you would normally put on a plastic collar for, there will be no need. Even if there is an injury on only one paw, it is a good idea to put cotton socks for dogs on either two or four paws to keep your dog balanced.

Socks for Traction

Older dogs that have mobility issues such as arthritis or hip dysplasia will benefit from wearing socks since they provide extra traction. This is the same for three-legged dogs.

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