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Got one to sell?

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The most wonderful time of the year – Christmas.

Christmas is around the corner, people are starting to put up Christmas trees, fairy lights and decorate their yards in the spirit of Christmas.

With all those lights it’s hard to imagine the electricity bills that people must be racking up at this time of year – electricity companies must be like a kid on Christmas morning – but not of you use solar. You can get solar Christmas lights, you can watch the faces of the neighbourhood kids light up when they see your solar powered LED reindeer on the front lawn surrounded by wonderfully draped multi-coloured lights on the roof of your home, best of all you don’t need to worry about the power bill you will receive in the new year when all the Christmas ornaments have been put away and the tree put back in its box in the shed.

Not just Christmas lights

Strings of lights and christmas ornaments don’t have to be reserved only for December, solar christmas lights can be used at parties and weddings to dress up otherwise drab or dull spaces with soft, incandescent almost magical light. Create a great atmosphere using strategically placed solar Christmas lights around tree branches, under patios and pergolas or along fences. There is no need to put away the solar Christmas lights for the rest of the year –bring magic to events with reliable and beautiful sparkling solar Christmas lights which in a different setting completely, don’t look like a Christmas ornament at all. Match this with solar lanterns, outdoor string lights, or solar flame torches to softly light creating s relaxing and beautiful atmosphere.

The real versatility of solar Christmas lights is present in no other way than the amount of colours and configurations they come in. Classic long strings of white lights or multi-coloured flashing lights that have a control box to match the twinkle of the lights to the event, singular lights, or solar lights shaped like butterflies – the possibilities of soft beautiful lighting for your event is endless.

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