Looking for a solar water feature for your garden?

The addition of a solar water feature can create a sense of tranquillity, with water running over the edges of the feature, soothingly washing away the stresses and strains of the busy world outside your home. A great addition to your ponds or even as a stand-alone centrepiece of your garden. Ebay have a variety of small and medium sized water features made from low maintenance Polyresins and plastics with stone finishes for an authentic stone fountain look.

Indoor Fountains

Inner city or suburban apartments often lack the space needed for a complicated plumbed water fountain with pond fountain pumps and all the bells and whistles, a solar water feature within a courtyard, balcony area or sunroom can create a sense of escape, a tranquil place where you can relax with a book or coffee and listen to the peaceful sounds of water running over your solar water fountain.

Solar water fountains have the versatility of being able to add to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoor fountains add a layer of peace to your home, bringing the outdoors into an urban apartment. An added bonus of a solar powered water feature is removing the need for a power supply allowing you to place your water feature anywhere in your home - provided it gets enough sunlight to power the fountain.

Outdoor solar fountains are a great addition to a courtyard or small garden, to either be hidden away within the foliage or as a focal point in the middle of the space. The added bonus of solar power means not only no additional wires but additional plumbing is not required to power the pump either.

Additional options include multiple tiers and solar powered LED lights for more impact at night. A full package fountain comes with water pump, rechargeable batteries to back up the solar power panel, as well as a ground holder to ensure it is placed sturdily in its position.