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Outdoor Security Solar LED Floodlights

Installing outdoor security floodlights is an effective way to make your home safer. Solar LED floodlights are particularly useful as they cost very little to run.

Security Lights

Security lights are designed to illuminate the area around a building after dark. They make it easier to navigate around your property, allow you to see who is coming and going and also provide enough light for CCTV systems to capture clear images. Floodlights are particularly useful for this as they illuminate a wide area. Many outdoor security floodlights feature motion sensors and will activate when something moves nearby. Once on, the light will stay on for a predetermined amount of time. Motion-activated lights provide instant lighting for finding your way indoors when you get home late at night, and the sudden activation can also scare off two-legged and four-legged intruders. Because they remain off most of the time, they are also more energy-efficient. Other security lights may be controlled by photoresistors, in which case they will turn on automatically when it gets dark.

Energy Efficiency

The combination of solar panels and LEDs makes solar LED outdoor lighting extremely efficient. LED bulbs use up to seven times less energy than a comparable incandescent or halogen bulb. This makes them a natural match for solar-powered lighting. Because solar panels provide less power than plugging the light into the mains, solar lighting has traditionally had to make compromises on brightness. However, LEDs can provide bright lighting using much less power than incandescents, making solar-powered security lighting a very viable option. Solar-powered lights use the sun’s energy to charge up batteries during the day, so they can stay on at night even with no sun to power them.


Outdoor security floodlights are designed to be used outdoors, and are therefore typically made rugged enough to withstand outdoor conditions. Tough plastic solar LED outdoor floodlights are one common option, while other designs can be made from aluminium or stainless steel. Many outdoor lights are also built to be weather-resistant to keep them from being damaged by rainfall. Solar outdoor lights can also feature different panel placements. More compact designs have the panel and the light built into the same housing, which makes them easier to install. Others have a separate solar panel connected to the light by a cable. This opens up more placement options, as the solar panel can be placed in a sunny area while the light stays in the shade.

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