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Playstation 4

Released in 2013, the Sony PlayStation 4 sold 1 million consoles in its first 24 hours on sale. This made it the fastest-selling console in history. If you want to know why this device is so popular, simply gather your friends around for a night in and you’ll soon see why.  It’s not just the Sony PlayStation 4 game console in general that can provide so much fun for hours – video games have received such a stigma over the years that it’s hard to convince anyone born prior to the 80s that they aren’t just a time sink. There are many benefits to playing video games, and here are just a few:  

Video games increase coordination

  You need good hand-eye coordination to be able to simultaneously jump over rocks and shoot while avoiding walls. There is a strong link between video games and motor skills, and a fast-paced game like first-person shooters have been shown to aid in fast-decision making, as well as boost motor skills.  

Video games reduce depression and lower stress levels 

 Decimating alien constructs with bazookas and large explosions is a great way to de-stress. But you don’t even need to seek and destroy: playing Crash Bandicoot, for example, will keep your brain busy while taking a step away from your real-world problems. 

 Video games sharpen your decision making

  There are many games that require you to make a choice almost immediately when faced with a certain situation. This forces you to weigh the pros and cons in an instant and will influence your in-game experience. This kind of decision making can positively spill over into your real life.  Join over 30 million people who have bought PlayStation consoles when you shop online on eBay. Buy compatible video games, Sony PlayStation game controllers and more to fully enjoy your PS4 experience.   

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