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Sony Televisions

Sony produces a wide range of TVs to suit all tastes and budgets. Sony TVs are thin, stylish, well made and provide excellent picture quality for watching television, playing games and watching movies.

Full HD VS 4K

The screen resolution is an important consideration when you are purchasing LED TVs. Full HD has 1920 x 1080 pixels, which gives good clarity and sharpness. 4K has 3840 x 2160 pixels which makes for a stunning image with incredible detail. If you plan to plug in a computer to your screen, you will also benefit from the extra screen real estate. If you plan to keep the TV for a long time, or if you are interested in 4K content, then you should purchase a 4K TV. But if it is a bedroom TV or you don’t watch 4K content, Full HD still provides a great experience and is more affordable.


Many of Sony’s 4K TVs feature HDR. HDR stands for high-dynamic-range, and it means that TVs equipped with this technology can deliver greater contrast, a wider range of colours and more vibrant images to improve the viewing experience. Many 4K movies and video games are starting to take advantage of HDR, and this results in a more life-like image and a more engaging experience.


There are two different types of Sony TVs, OLED and LED/LCD. Sony LED/LCD TVs are the most common type of TV on the market and uses liquid crystal display technology and a LED backlight to illuminate the display. Because of the backlight, LED/LCD TVs cannot achieve deep black levels and there may be some slight backlight bleed on the screen, but they still offer excellent clarity at an affordable price. OLED is a new technology that uses organic light emitting diode technology, with each pixel being powered individually. OLED TVs are more expensive and not as bright, but they offer better blacks, contrast ratio, viewing angles and screen uniformity. Both these screen types offer great performance, with consumers having personal preferences towards each of them.


The W range of Sony TVs sit at the lower end of the range, whilst the X series sit at the mid- to top-end. The A1 is Sony’s OLED TV, and is considered a flagship model. When choosing a TV you should pay close attention to the model that best suits your needs, with some models coming with more features and screen size options from 32-inch (81.3cm) to 75-inch (109.5cm).

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