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The Quest for Affordability

Not all smartphones have to be super expensive. They don’t have to be packed with all the latest features, and they don’t have to look they could feature in Star Trek. Smartphones don’t have to have thousands upon thousands of pixels in their display, and they don’t need to be able to capture professional standard photography like a DSLR. Smartphones can just be phones. They can provide their users with a way to stay in contact with the people in their life, either by calling – yes, people still make actual voice calls – by emailing, by messaging or by using social media.

They can allow users to go online, whether to buy bread from the supermarket or to check the weather in Tokyo. These phones can have handy features that let users do stuff like listen to music and watch video, or even shine a flashlight to find their way along a dark corridor. Most smartphones, whether they are top-tier or not, do all of these things. So, when it comes time to choose a phone, it simply comes down to deciding what is required and what is not.

Buying the Sony Xperia E

As a relatively affordable phone, the Sony Xperia E is never going to compete with the big boys. While it does feature Sony quality, its standard of design and features is noticeably different to the likes of the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S series. What can buyers expect? The Xperia E has a 3.5-inch display with 320x480 pixel resolution, it has a 3.15 megapixel fixed focus camera, and it has expandable storage and a user-accessible battery. 

While it may not wow buyers, it can still deliver on being a pretty decent phone. Check out what the Xperia E can offer on eBay, and compare to the many other mobile phones on the market. Buy brand new or used, checking out options according to colour, lock status, features and storage – and snag a bargain today!