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Spa & Hot Tub Parts

Spa and Hot Tub Parts

Spas and hot tubs are expensive investments, and thus, they should be treated as such. Whether you purchase one in new or preowned form, it is important to care for your tub through proper maintenance. This includes ensuring all spa parts are in proper working order and then replacing them as needed so that you can enjoy your oasis for years to come.


Filtration is an important part of spa maintenance. Clean filter cartridges remove large particles from the water, helping to protect the plumbing system from damage. They also remove small particles to help to promote water clarity and inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Filters should be replaced yearly. It is also important to opt for a quality filter when shopping.


If your spa cover is torn, faded or worn, it may be time for a replacement; however, with so many covers on the market, it may be difficult finding the right one for your needs. Look for a quality cover constructed of 100 per cent virgin closed-cell polystyrene foam. Additionally, make sure to keep budget and climate in mind; if you live in a wet region, consider a cover with a high foam density, as this will provide thickness and strength while providing adequate insulation.


Spa jets are available in various shapes and sizes and come designed to enhance your in-water experience. For increased versatility of use, look for those that are adjustable. These jets allow you to customise direction of movement and water strength for a more personalised spa event.


A broken or damaged heater is one of the most common spa problems and generally stems from improper water chemistry. When looking for a replacement, consider the various options available. While most spas are heated with an electric heating element, gas heating is also an option. Gas heaters generally heat the water faster, while electric heaters are cheaper in terms of their operating cost. Electric heaters are also often safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

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