Vision Care

Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul: they're two of the most important parts of your body, and are generally taken for granted, until they stop working. Fortunately, there are all types of products for vision care available, from spectacles to contact lens care.

Vision Care Prescription Glasses and Lenses

The most obvious means of vision correction are glasses fitted with prescription lenses. Once having visited a professional and undergone an eye test, you will be provided with your lens prescription, which determines how strong the lenses for each eye need to be. With this information in hand, it's possible to order your glasses online. There are plenty of lenses available, from anti-glare and anti-scratch to prescription sunglass lenses. The types of glasses frames are endless also, from classic metal frames, studious-looking tortoiseshell and artistic-looking thick black rims to funky bright colours and even futuristic clear frames.

Vision Care Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great solution for those who don't wish to wear glasses, but do have less-than-perfect vision. The tiny lenses slip effortlessly over your eyes and can be worn comfortably all day. Some brands even produce lenses that you can sleep in. Contact lenses require a specialist lens fitting with an optometrist to determine not only your prescription strength, but the measurement of your actual eyeballs, so that the lens stays in place and isn't too small or loose and slips out of its position. Contact lenses come in myriad brands, shapes and sizes, and the types of lenses vary from daily disposables to monthly ones. You can even purchase coloured contact lenses to change or enhance your existing eye colour.

Vision Care Contact Lens Solution

Finding the right contact lens solution is almost as important as finding the right fit of lens. Contact lenses, when not in your eyes, must be stored in a saline solution in order to prevent them from drying out. As the eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive, and everyone's eyes are different, some people may find they react to certain lens solutions and require a few different types to try out before settling on the perfect one. Many contact lens manufacturers produce solution for cleaning and storing, and some are designed specifically for sensitive eyes.

Vision Care Miscellaneous

There are plenty of accessories to complement your essential vision care items. Glasses cases are always important to protect delicate lenses from being scratched when not in use. From soft sleeves to hard shell cases, simple sleek black designs to bold patterns, there are fun and interesting options to lend a bit of style. Contact lens cases are small plastic covers that are easy to clean and generally have two different coloured or textured lids so you can easily tell which lens goes in which eye. Eye drops for dry eyes help to ease those who work at computers or under harsh fluorescent lights. Eyeglass lens cleaning cloths and sprays help to keep lenses free of dust, smears and debris, which would otherwise impede your vision.