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Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bicycles

Specialized Components, Inc. manufactures bikes and bicycle components focusing on the importance of performance, quality and innovation. Everyday riders and professional competitors purchase Specialized bikes, whether mountain, racing or other types. The company founded Riding for Focus to help improve the lives of children with ADHD by working with schools to develop cycling programs proven to help children achieve academically and socially.

Mountain Bikes

Designed to go uphill easier and downhill quicker, Specialized mountain bikes are engineered with a suspension that is stiffer in the front to improve ride quality. The bikes are lighter in weight to achieve faster speeds and include a RockShox Brain shock to cushion bumps on off-road terrain. Furthermore, the bikes are available in aluminium and carbon fibre frames, and some come with front and rear mudguards.

Road Bike Racing Bikes

When cycling as a competitor, Specialized road bike racing bikes may include a carbon disc fork that improves steering response when making tighter turns. Specialized wheelsets are designed to optimise aerodynamics and shed mud quicker. Depending on the model, bikes are equipped with Shimano shifters and derailleurs to improve shifting and braking. Even the saddles are designed to improve your ride as the company uses materials to increase blood flow and take pressure off of soft tissues.

Downhill Bikes

Specialized downhill bikes may include a seven-speed drivetrain and Butcher and Slaughter tyres to improve traction and control on uneven terrains. The company builds downhill bikes for speed using an asymmetric and lightweight frame and hydraulic disc brakes.

Specialized Accessories

When youre riding for long hours, you are likely to need refreshment along the way. A bottle cage attaches to the bikes down or seat tube to store your favourite beverage. A waterproof backpack that fits comfortably across the chest without affecting your performance may feature a laptop sleeve and a main pocket to hold riding gear.