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Spinning Fishing Rods

Whether youre an experienced fisherman or novice just getting into the sport of fishing, finding the best gear is crucial to any successful fishing endeavour. For anyone looking to engage in some great freshwater fishing, spinning rods are your best bet. Although spinning rods are for some saltwater and salmon fishing, they are most popular for sport fishing including bass, trout, pike and walleye. These rods are light weight because of the materials they use. Comprising graphite and fibreglass with a cork or PVC foam handle, these are anywhere from 5 to 8.5 feet long. They also have between 5 to 8 guides on the underside of the rod to help control the line, decreasing in size as you move up the rod. The reels sit below the rod and connect to the rod with a sliding or locking reel seat. These types of rods come in various weights depending upon the type of fish you intend to catch as well as where you will be fishing. There are ultra light spinning fishing rods, which are for smaller fish or make catching larger fish more of a sport and exert more energy. These tend to be shorter than medium sized fishing rods and much more limber. They require smaller equipment such as lures and carry line that has a smaller weight capacity.

Spinning Fishing Reels

Because spinning fishing reels are mounted below the rod, they require no wrist strength to keep the reel in position. For right-handed fisherman, you hold and cast the rod your dominant hand, which allows your left hand to crank the handle. For left-handed fisherman, it is just the opposite. Spinning reels are ideal for many sport fisherman because they are versatile. They work with many different types of tackle, including live bait as well as artificial lures, which doesnt limit a fisherman. Also these types of reels are useful when using light tackle or bait because they only need to be able to pull the weight of the fishing line.

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