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Catch the big one with spinning rod and reel combos

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the great outdoors and spending time by the water. Enjoy your solitude, or hanging out with friends and family, however social your fishing trip tends to be, spending a day or five by the great blue is a simple and enjoyable way to release yourself from the stress of every day life. And with the spinning rod and reel combos available right here on eBay, you can enjoy the thrill of the catch with a top notch, high quality set up.

Enjoy the benefits of spinning rod and reel combos

Designed with the reel hanging from underneath the rod, spinning rod and reel combos are the ideal choice for a range of fishing situations. If you’re interested in using a light line, fishing live bait, casting small lures, or leaving the bail open to play the line out, a spinning rod and reel combo is a great idea. The handle of spinning rods are typically made from cork or EVA. Cork is a traditional approach, while EVA resists stains. Look for a handle that has a ergonomic design for the maximum comfort.

Consider the action of the rod in question. This will be classed as fast, moderate or medium, and slow. Fast action rods bend in the top third of the length. Slow action rods bend all the way down to the handle, with moderate or medium action rods bending through the midsection. Another consideration is the power of the rod, classified from ultra light all the way up to heavy. Catching smaller fish is best suited for ultra light and light rods, while bigger fish will push you up to the heavier end of the power level.

If a spinning fishing rod and reel combo isn’t quite right for your intended catch, don’t hesitate to check out the other fishing rod and reel combos available. But if a spinning rod and reel combo suits the catch of the day, then you’re sure to take the bait thanks to the extensive range available here on eBay.

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