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Got one to sell?

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Whether you want to add to your ever-growing liqueur collection for when you want to entertain guests, or if you don’t want to show up empty-handed at your next work Christmas party, it’s deceptively easy to shop for your weapon of choice online on eBay.  They say there’s a liqueur for every type of personality, so when you want to start the party, sit with friends over a game of poker, or simply enjoy the silence with a loved one, there’s a spirit or wine to suit every occasion or taste.  

Types of liqueurs:  


The poised, self-assured glass is only for the truly confident. Best served with coke or soda water, whiskey is good value for a decent taste. However, it is an acquired taste. 


 A refreshing drink that also warms your tummy, it is best served with tonic water and a slice of lemon or lime. 


The cheaper kind, but also the most versatile: vodka can easily be mixed with a variety of other ingredients to make powerful and delicious cocktails. 


 Neat, over ice, or diluted with a little bit of water, cognac is also very versatile. Holding the glass in the palm of your hand to heat it up will elevate the flavours before you drink it. 


Not just for pirates and sailors, rum can be drunk with coke or on its own. Have a bit of ice-cream lying around? Rum can give a delicious kick to your dessert.  When you want to whet your palate, shop online on eBay for a range of spirits and liqueurs. Search by type (rum, vodka, whiskey, gin or cognac), age (6-10 years up to more than 40 years old), or ‘limited time’ deals to get the best prices on quality alcoholic beverages for your next party – don’t forget the cocktail shakers (and remember to drink responsibly)! 

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