Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

Whether you’re fighting off bugs and weeds or fertilising and watering your crops and garden, shopping for a spray unit on eBay gives you a chance to see a variety of great options in one place.

Weed spraying

Weed spraying is a botanical form of pest control, especially in the case of noxious or harmful weeds that grow aggressively and can be destructive to agricultural crops and livestock. Most noxious weeds multiply quickly and need to be controlled as aggressively as they grow, which means regular use of a quality spray unit. Spray those weeds with one hand tied behind your back with a self-priming pump that delivers a substantial 130psi, providing extensive spray coverage with no effort at all.

You’ll find all types of spray units on eBay, from knapsack sprayers, trailer able and ATV attachable to boom sprayers and 100 litre pump assisted units. Also available are compact spray units you can attach to your mower, ATV or quad bike that can help you get rid of weeds fast. eBay carries an enormous range of spray unit accessories, hoses, trailer fittings, pumps and more, so you can shop around for all your needs without driving off your property.

Watering and fertilising

As well as spraying weeds and insects, you’ll find ATV attachable and tow along tanks, multiple station irrigation controllers and other irrigation equipment to cover the watering and fertilising needs in all areas of your property. For bigger spreads, you'll even find industrial irrigation hose nozzles and irrigation controllers to help you keep your crops growing strong. There’s also a great selection of rainwater collection tanks that will drench your thirsty crops and garden and help keep down your water consumption and the expense that goes with it.

Don’t let the weeds grow under your feet. Check out the range of weed controlling and watering and fertilising tools on eBay today!

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