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Spy Pen

Some multi-purpose gadgets are useful tools to have on hand, and spy pens are one of those gadgets. They have a variety of uses and those uses don't necessarily need to be ominous or illegal; sometimes the spy pen can just be a backup to your smartphone camera.

What is a Spy Pen?

A spy pen is a pen that incorporates a hidden camera and/or audio recorder. It is usually rechargeable via USB, and the contents you record can transfer into a computer via USB as well. Different spy pens come with different features, like a variety in the quality of recording, the size of data that they can hold, and battery life.

Uses of Spy Pens

Spy pens work in a number of situations. Mystery shoppers can use them to take videos and audio recordings of their visit discreetly, or police officers can use them to record statements from suspects. You can also use them for other things like recording lectures in classes, recording oneself when giving interviews or practicing speeches, or taking pictures on-the-go without using your smartphone.

The Different Features of Spy Pens

Not all spy pens come with both a camera and an audio recorder; some only come with either one. The mini spy camera inside the pen may only be able to record videos without audio if it does not come with a mic. Most spy pens come with non-expandable storage space, but more advanced models may allow for expansion via an external microSD or miniSD card. It is also important to ensure the purchased pen can record in the video resolution you want; though keep in mind that better resolution means more space taken up inside the pen's storage.

Other Spy Accessories

If a pen is not your spying tool of choice, you can opt for a standalone portable audio recorder, or a spy camera that can clip on to your clothing. For something a little bit cooler, a spy watch is a good device to consider, as it is functional as a stylish wearable but can also record audio and video.

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