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Srixon Golf Clubs

Srixon Golf Clubs

Whether a professional golfer on tour or a budding amateur, there are Srixon golf clubs for everyone. Golf clubs vary by purpose and design, so it is important to understand some important aspects of Srixon clubs to find a style that suits the needs of each golfer.

Srixon Drivers

Golfers who have a high-speed swing may want to consider Srixon drivers, like the Z 765, which has the longest shaft length, a feature that makes this club easy to recognise. The lightweight graphite shaft is durable and offers flexibility to respond to swings and give balls increased distance and accuracy. This driver includes a special tier design that allows users to achieve greater distances from the tee box due to a higher ball loft, clubhead grip and design.

Srixon Irons

Like others on the market, Srixon iron sets contain multiple clubs, so golfers can buy a complete set at once. Srixon offers iron combo sets that allow golfers to get the clubs from different model series so they have the clubs they want. The Z 765 and Z 965 combo set has features like special back cavity technology and smaller muscle blades that make it appealing to golfers with advanced skill levels who want to achieve better accuracy and control.

Srixon Fairway Woods

Srixon wood golf clubs are ideal drivers for teeing off and using on the fairway. The heads of these woods are usually smaller and include designs to give the golfer greater distance and ball control. The Srixon Z F65 fairway wood features a graphite shaft that offers flexibility and a special wide clubhead crown and face design that gives golfers a larger sweet spot for ball strokes.

Srixon Wedge Golf Clubs

Wedge golf clubs are like cousins to the irons because both styles use the same type of clubhead. Wedges, like the Srixon WG 504, have a higher loft angle than other types of clubs, which gives golfers a greater advantage for getting out of trouble when they land in the sand trap. This model features a carbon steel shaft and attractive gunmetal finish, which reduces glare for fewer distractions during swings.