Stained Glass

Add a conversation about your window dressing with a stained glass piece. Whether you’re looking to make one or two yourself, or if you’d rather purchase a creative stained glass art piece, there are factors to consider. Discover the ways to make a statement with stained glass that attracts attention and starts conversations.

Making Stained Glass

Having all of the equipment and supplies to make a stained glass art piece can be daunting. There are many resources that can help you achieve the desired stained glass effect you’re looking for. Look for specific instructional books or DVDs, such as other glass types beyond stained that create an artistic expression. Glass like leaded glass can add character to a room due to the imperfections imbedded within. This leaded glass can complement stained glass to make an impressive array of textures and colours, creating interesting focal points in a room. Beveled glass is another way to add texture to your stained glass masterpiece.

Repairing Stained Glass

Similar to the materials you need to create stained glass, these same components are necessary to repair any broken parts of a stain glass section. Adding a repair kit to your toolset is a good way to specifically repair a glass panel. Remove the broken glass by using a glass cutter and a small mallet to tap the broken panel out. Clean out any shards of glass and grout from the lead frame. Create a pattern of the panel you intend to replace. Cut a new glass piece to fit in the open space, then solder new lead into the area once the glass sets in place.