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Stainless Steel Beer and Wine Making Supplies

Making beer and wine at home is a hobby that many people find fun and relaxing. Making beer and wine allows people to get creative with ingredients to find a taste that reflects everything they want from a beverage. Having the right type of equipment can make an impact on the taste of the final product, which is why many home beer and wine crafters turn to stainless steel beer and wine making supplies for their beverage creations.

Stir Things Up

Beer brewing and wine making aficionados know that they need to have the right equipment to make their beverages tasty and inviting. Many home beverage crafters make large batches of their favourite beverage in deep containers, so having a brewing and winemaking spoon or ladle is extremely helpful. A stainless steel beer or wine making spoon can come with extra-long handles that allows the crafter to mix ingredients without exposing their hands or articles of clothing to the liquids. Using this type of spoon minimises the chance of contaminating the beverage while giving the user a great tool for mixing ingredients.


Many brewers like to use stainless steel kegs for storing their finished products. These kegs come in a variety of sizes, which makes the kegs easy beer storage solutions. Beer crafters can also find kegs that offer one or two stainless steel beer taps, along with manual pull-ring valves for relieving pressure safely. The stainless steel keg is easy to clean and usually comes with rubber handles for easy lifting.

Fruit Crushers

While there are many plastic beer and wine making supplies on the market, many beer and wine makers prefer to use stainless steel equipment because it is easier to clean and sanitise. Fruit crushers are available in both manual and motorised stainless steel choices and can include features for not only crushing fruit, but destemming fruit as well.


Another product that is worth adding to many beer and wine making supply lists is the stainless steel strainer. Strainer models that include multiple layers of stainless steel offer excellent filtration and also resist cracking better than other types of strainers. These strainers are ideal for both beer and wine making needs and are easy to clean.

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