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Stainless Steel Coffee Presses

Freshly brewed coffee can't be beat, but using a drip coffee maker or even an espresso machine isn't the only way to craft a cup. Stainless steel coffee presses create strong and flavourful coffee using the coffee grounds of your choice as well as filtered hot water. Portable and fun to use, coffee presses give you a hands-on coffee making experience and allows you to learn the fine art of using a press.


Presses come in different types, and there are glass and plastic coffee presses. However, stainless steel is long-lasting and durable, and this material works to keep coffee hot for longer than other presses, giving it a significant advantage over other press types. Opt for a solid stainless steel press, or a glass press with stainless steel accents, depending on your personal preference. Presses come in different sizes and range from one-cup travel styles to presses that create up to 12 cups.


Not only can you use French presses to make coffee, but you can use most models to make tea as well, giving you added options for your press. Use a press for hot or cold beverages for even more flexibility. Choose a press with features that make your job easier and less messy, such as a drip-free spout and a dishwasher-safe design for easy cleanup. Insulated presses retain heat to keep your coffee hot, and maximises the taste of your favourite grounds. Stainless steel presses include no harmful chemicals, like BPA, and the press doubles as a server with a comfortable handle to hold as you pour.


Many companies make top-notch home appliances, but when it comes to French presses, a few brands stand out. Look for premium products crafted by well-known coffee maker brands like Avanti, Bodum, KitchenAid and Arcosteel. If you're on a budget, choose a brand that offers affordable options, but if you're simply seeking the best French press on the market, aim for coffee maker brands like Frieling, a purveyor of high-quality coffee products and presses.

How to Use Presses

It's easy to feel intimidated by a French press if you've never used one, but it's simpler than you think. Grind coffee beans in a coffee grinder, measuring out the amount you'll need for how many cups you wish to make. Add hot water to the coffee inside the press, and stir the water and coffee together. Set a timer for four minutes and steep the coffee, then press the plunger. The coffee is now ready to enjoy.

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