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It might only be rubbish but it doesnt mean that where you put it shouldnt be stylish. When you are looking for a kitchen bin or other waste bin, think stainless steel. A cool, clean, stainless steel rubbish bin adds a touch of class to your kitchen decor, whether it is full of garbage or not. eBays great range can help you find a stainless steel bin to fit in with your decor.

State of the art

A stainless steel rubbish bin is a start of the art receptacle. Its a sophisticated, slimline, pristine item that stands out amongst your kitchen accessories for its cool surfaces and no fingerprint finish. It matches with your stainless steel appliances and complements your worktops. It can even come with a bit of built-in technology.

No touch bins

Find a beautiful stainless steel bin that you never need to touch!Infrared technology, built into the bin, senses the motion of your hand as you approach the lid. The lid opens automatically to allow you to put the rubbish into the bin without having to touch it. Magical and hygienic.

Pedal bins

Choose from a wide range of stainless steel pedal bins. Not as hi-tech as the infrared sensor, the pedal opens the bin lid so that you dont have to touch it. There are many designs, including tall and round, half crescents or rectangular. Use a stainless steel bin in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Dual compartment

Check for the rectangular stainless still rubbish bin that has a dual compartment. This style allows you to separate your rubbish. This is a great idea for keen recyclers. Use one compartment for household garbage and the other for bottles, tins and plastics that can be recycled. This bin helps you clear the washed bottles and containers you have waiting for recylcing off your sink!

Stainless steel bins come in sizes from small to large. Find bins that fit into your cupboards or match your decor on eBay today.

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