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Stainless Steel Saucepans and Cookware

The right cookware turns the cooking experience into a real pleasure. Today's cooking utensils have evolved a great deal and you can find all kinds of shapes and materials. Copper, uncoated cast iron, enameled cast iron, carbon-steel, aluminium, and non-stick are only some of the many materials available. However, stainless steel provides unmatchable versatility, delivering kitchen workhorses that can tackle most culinary challenges. Deep, round saucepans are suitable for stews, sauces, stir-fries, and many more dishes and are thus must-haves for any kitchen.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

Classic, uncoated stainless steel makes for a durable material that can last for ages. It is also easy to care for and does not react with foods, so nothing in its make interferes with the flavour combinations you're making. Stainless steel heats up rapidly and evenly. As stainless steel is metal, these saucepans are often magnetic, and depending on the handle, they could also go in the oven or dishwasher.


These saucepans may have multiple materials at work. The outer and inner layer may be stainless steel, but the middle layer can be another metal like aluminium or copper or some other magnetic or conductive material. The process of cladding allows one to make the pan compatible with induction stoves or transfer heat better. Some pans have the triple layer only under the bottom, while the better options have it all around. The latter allows for spreading the heat evenly. When shopping, look for tri-ply pans or even seven-ply options if you are after stainless steel waterless cookware.

Cooktop Compatibility

Your stainless steel cookware should match the cooktop you use. A flat top stove works best with flat pans, obviously, and luckily, this is the most common option available. Rounded wok pans may seem tempting, but they are only useful if you have a gas stove with a ring that can support the pan. For induction cooktops, you need special stainless steel induction cookware that has a magnetic material inside. Otherwise, it simply won't work.

Saucepan Features

An important feature to consider when purchasing a saucepan is its size. Consider the size of your family and the type of dishes you typically cook. You must also to take into account what kind of cooktop elements you have, as the pan should fit these. Choose a pan with a comfortable handle, so it's easier to lift and hold. If the pan is extra large, it could have an additional handle as well. If you need to pour sauce from the pan, choose a pan with a pouring lip. Last but not least is the lid. Choose glass if you want to see what is going on.

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