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Stainless steel shelving isn’t just for garages and mechanic shops; it’s a common sight in restaurant kitchens, too. Whether it’s a restaurant that you’re shopping for or your own kitchen, at home, stainless steel shelves come with a number of benefits that make them appropriate investments for either. After all, there are plenty of good reasons why commercial kitchens both big and small trust their food and tools to stainless.

Durability Means Affordability

Shelving like other restaurant and kitchen equipment needs to be able to take a lot of punishment. You can never be sure whether it’s going to wind up holding plates and bowls, small appliances or heavy flour sacks. A stainless steel shelf can be relied upon to provide maximum longevity while taking up minimal space and requiring little maintenance. Wooden shelves need conditioning; particle board breaks; but steel holds the load and gives you a significant return on your money, so you can spend less over a longer period.


People choose restaurant kitchen equipment with a consideration for cleanliness and maintenance. If it’s going to be around food or involved in the food-making process, then it needs to be as easy to clean as possible. Other materials, like wood, formica and even stone can absorb unpleasant liquids or particles that lead to bacterial growth. A stainless steel shelf doesn’t pose nearly as much hazard. Steel wipes clean effortlessly and offers little place for harmful bacteria to go, so proper care of stainless shelves means they pose less risk to you or those eating out of your kitchen.


Much like black, stainless goes with just about everything. Even if you’re buying for a kitchen that already has its decor, steel is neutral and a stainless shelf won’t ruin your coluors or patterns. As a popular finish for appliances like ovens, microwaves and refrigerators, there’s a good chance you already have some stainless steel in your kitchen; capitalize on the simplicity and elegance of stainless by claiming it as your style.


Steel isn’t just for shelves and appliances, either. If you’re designing or expanding with stainless steel shelves, there are other tools available for your kitchen that come in the same dependable material. A stainless steel trolley, for instance, can not only compliment your kitchen shelves, but provide that extra little bit of space you need plus added mobility. Being able to quickly access the utensils or cookbooks you use most, or move them as needed, can be a huge help with large family meals or busy nights full of customers.

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