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Stairs and Stair-Building Materials

Ever feel like your existing stairs have seen better days and are now ready for retirement? Before worn out stairs can become a hazard, it is a good idea to replace them with new stairs and stair-building materials. Replacing stairs is easier to manage when you know more about the different options available.

Spiral Staircases

Even though it may look intimidating, creating a spiral staircase is not hard when you have the right supplies and tools in hand. With the aid of building plans and blueprints, building spiral staircases begins to look friendlier. Many people decide not to use stair-building materials for this project, and instead, opt for pre-built spiral staircases. There are numerous attractive spiral staircases that come with features that allow users to adjust the height and make it suitable for the intended location.

Stair Treads

Sometimes it is not necessary to replace an entire staircase when all you need to do is make it safer with a great set of stair treads. People who choose installed stair treads have a variety of options available that include prefinished wooden stair treads made from premium lumber. People who want to replace carpeted stairs may find retrofit stair treads a great solution for their staircase remodelling project.

Concrete Stairs

The most popular type of material to use for staircases is concrete because this material is easy to mould into various shapes. Although concrete stairs may not hold as much aesthetic value as glass or wooden stairs, concrete stairs do tend to last longer than stairs built from other types of materials. It is easy to improve upon the look of concrete stairs by adding other types of stair-building materials to the staircase, such as granite or marble cladding.

Wooden Stairs

Wood is probably one of the most commonly used materials in staircase-building projects. One of the aspects of wooden staircases that makes them so appealing is that wood is relatively easy to use when attempting to replicate rustic or other special staircase themes. The addition of carved wooden handrails or balustrades is a great way to add a decorative touch to a simple wooden staircase design. Now that you have a few ideas to work with, it is easy to feel inspired when creating your own staircase masterpiece.

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