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Stanley Power Tools

Since its founding in 1843 as a bolt and door company, Stanley continues its legacy of quality hand tools that save the artisan valuable time and energy. The company didn’t stop at mere production either. Its development and innovations resulted in the Bailey plane, the Surform shaper, and the PowerLock tape measure, to name a few, and these continue to be well-known products.

Power Drills

The modern workshop needs at least two power drills for improved efficiency; one drill for making pilot holes and an impact driver for driving screws. Both come in cordless and corded varieties. The Stanley power drill line includes the FatMax SDS Plus hammer drill, which serves a variety of purposes. When used with a masonry bit, it can drill efficiently into concrete, mortar, or brick and operates like a normal drill with the addition of a hammering action that helps dig into tough masonry. When doing woodworking jobs, a Stanley impact driver can be the handiest power tool around as it drastically cuts down construction times and saves your hands from the aches of manually driving a screw into hard wood.

Power Saws

Sawing is another of the most tedious jobs around, which is why having tools like Stanley power saws in the workshop is a good decision. Precise, efficient, and powerful, they can make quick work of cutting jobs. A reciprocating saw is ideal when you have to be in awkward positions, such as cutting through nails along a staircase or removing large sections of drywall at a time. This is because of the fast sawing action that its large blade and stable footbase allow.

Circular and Table Saws

Circular saws are ideal for any woodcutting job, from timber cutting to dividing large sheets of plywood. Many circular saws include laser guiding features, which ensure you are precisely following the cut lines. Table saws cut just like circular saws, but the machine is stationary and you slide the piece along the guide fence to ensure a precise cut. They are great for repetitive cutting jobs that require precision.