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Stanley Rogers Stainless Steel Cutlery

Stanley Rogers Stainless Steel Cutlery

A recognizable brand in cutlery for nearly one hundred years, Stanley Rogers flatware, kitchen tools and accessories appear in numerous Australian homes and restaurants. The company’s commitment to excellence in their products means quality even through multiple owners.


Stanley Rogers doesn’t just produce one product line. No matter the aesthetic of your kitchen or dining table, one of their series will fit in with your glassware and dishes, whether it’s their Albany, Libra or Manchester cutlery. Their signature Pistol Grip steak knives make a fine choice of gift for the gourmand among your friends or family, and the brand manufactures a full range of other culinary tools, as well. Pots, pans and more are available not only in stainless steel, but also in hard-anodised aluminium and quartz stone to suit a variety of tasks and dishes.


Whether you’re talking about their Baguette, Bristol or some other line of stainless steel cutlery, you can count on Stanley Rogers for grace and style. Smooth shapes and contemporary designs that draw the eye of diner and decorator, alike, are a feature of every Stanley Rogers flatware family. Citing a combination of rich English heritage and the sophistication of the present day, the company calls its art “modern traditionalist.”


The resilience and durability of stainless steel isn’t news. Just like Stanley Rogers brand products, you can rely upon it to serve your needs for years to come. Scratch resistant, mirror-bright and dishwasher safe, your stainless steel cutlery will be easy to care for or sanitize and a pleasure to use.


Stanley Rogers cutlery has a history of almost a century at Australian tables. Whether you’re shopping for your own dining room, for your business or for a wedding or housewarming gift, buying Stanley Rogers means class and competence. When it comes to stainless steel cutlery, it’s hard to beat the history and reputation of the Stanley Rogers catalogue.