Beam up some bargains with eBay's massive selection of Star Trek gear

Since 1966, when the Star Trek universe began, it has grown into a cultural phenomenon, amassing dedicated fans and spawning a range of TV shows, movies, books, comics and of course, collectibles. No matter if it's the original series that launched stars like William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy or the new films produced by J.J. Abrams that have refreshed the series and introduced them to a whole new generation of Trekkies, Star Trek goodies of every kind can be found on eBay.

There are plenty of much-loved characters throughout the Star Trek universe. If you are a Spock fan all the way to seeing the cast of Star Trek: Beyond as Pop! figures, the Star Trek action figures on eBay will be something you love. Collect each cast member from the original series or see how many varieties of Captain James T. Kirk you can amass in homage to the great leader! 

The world of Star Trek is vast, and it extends far beyond what you've seen on a screen. The world of Star Trek books on eBay will take you deep into the Star Trek universe with new adventures, crews, missions, and enemies. Find novels and comics that intertwine with the adventures you know and love from the films, or take well-known Star Trek characters on new missions only found in these pages. 

Star Trek is well-loved by all for taking us places no one has gone before, and eBay is helping you to bring some into your home with a wide range of collectibles, books, movies, and TV shows that mean you can live in the Star Trek universe whenever you like. With eBay, there is always more to explore!