Steam Powered Toys

Even though it's long past the days when steam was king, steam powered toys can still bring the romance of steam to any home. From trains to simple stationary motors, steam toys are great for showing children of all ages how machines work. They are both entertaining and educational, providing a window on the physical world and the history of engineering.

Vintage Steam Toys

Steam toys have been around for a very long time, and many pre-1800 steam-powered toys are extremely collectible. Mamod steam engines date back to 1936, including a wide range of stationary and mobile live steam powered toys. Always double-check older toys before running them, as you really want to make sure all the seals are good. You don't want live steam escaping the first time you fire it up.

Modern Steam Toys

Even as electricity has taken over the world of powered toys, there are still plenty of modern steam-powered toys from brands like Mamod and Wilesco with a strong appeal for hobbyists. Many of these engines are primarily for display purposes, while others are equally as well suited for play.

Steam Toy Safety

No matter what kind of steam toys you have, it's always important to put safety first. You can't get steam without boiling water, and that's something that always needs to be treated with care. Some, such as most Wilesco engines burn solid fuel tabs, which provide consistent stable heat.

Collecting Steam

Collecting steam toys is a great hobby, and there are a number of add-ons and accessories you can buy to make the most of it. First is fuel; whether with tabs or dry spirits, you can't take advantage of all your toy's features without firing it up. You also want metal cleaners to get that shine on the boiler. Put it all on a display stand and you'll have everyone's attention.