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Steampunk Goggles

A perfect addition to any steampunk costume, steampunk goggles are a great nod to the Industrial Revolution influence in steampunk culture. You can wear these goggles in a few ways, and they come in many different styles to give your costume an individualistic flair.

How to Wear

While it may seem like you can only wear goggles on your eyes, you can also place your pair of steampunk goggles on your head, on top of your steampunk fancy hat, or just hanging around your neck. If you opt to wear it in any way other than on your eyes, you can add on another pair of Victorian glasses to your outfit to add a classic touch.


Want to add an Amelia Earhart influence to your outfit? Then you can consider aviation-style steampunk goggles, which gives you an old-school pilot look. For those who legitimately want to protect their eyes when they play around with their steampunk devices, welding or machinist goggles can do just that while looking fabulously stylish. If protection isn't the major concern, and you just want to look really fabulous, consider getting a pair of steampunk brass goggles instead, which don't serve much functional benefit but are beautifully crafted for aesthetic purposes. There are also goggles that come with torchlights attached, which pay tribute to the hobbies of those who love caving, spelunking, or other adventurous activities, and even Arctic-style goggles for those who can't get enough of winter and the cold.

Other Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk goggles can pair with just about any steampunk accessory, other than the hat and glasses mentioned above. Combine them with masks, brass jewellery, pocket watches, helmets, bandanas, and gloves, among other main clothing items like corsets, coats, jackets, and skirts. It is dependent on the steampunk themselves on how they want to match things together, as the possibilities are endless.

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