Steel Office Filing Cabinets

Whether you own a business, need to add some additional storage space for your company or have a home office that could use a place to keep files and office supplies, steel office filing cabinets are a versatile piece of office furniture to have.

What are the different steel office filing cabinets that are available?

Metal filing cabinets come in a number of different styles, such as:

  • Two-drawer filing cabinet
  • Three-drawer filing cabinet
  • Four-drawer filing cabinet
  • Lateral filing cabinet
  • Plan cabinet

A lateral filing cabinet is typically a single drawer cabinet that has the same amount of space as a two-drawer filing cabinet. Plan filing cabinets, also known as flat file cabinets, are multidrawer filing cabinets that are narrow and wide, ideal for blueprints and similar types of plans.

What are some features of steel office filing cabinets?

Steel office filing cabinets feature metal slides and hardware that allow the drawer to open completely. Some cabinets are weighted on the bottom to keep taller cabinets from tipping over. These also have metal drawer pulls and a space to put a label outside the drawers.