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Get a brand-new Toyota 86 steering wheel

The Toyota 86 is a popular vehicle in Australia, known for its sporty design. The two-door fastback coupe is actually the same as the Subaru BRZ, being jointly developed by both manufacturers. They have been around in Australia since 2016, and the second-generation models are known as the GR86, marketed under Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division.


Being a relatively new car on the market, there’s not as much call for Toyota 86 parts as there might be for older cars. However, one of the annoyances many drivers have is with modern steering wheels starting to rub and fade well before their time. For this reason, it’s common to buy a new steering wheel or some kind of cover that keeps the car looking and feeling great.


Get the right parts every time

When you’re looking for Toyota 86 accessories, it’s difficult to find them at the local wreckers because it’s not a very common car. The same goes for parts dealers – they don’t keep a lot in stock, and you have to get them ordered in. Rather than dealing with this extremely frustrating process only to end up paying more than you should for a steering wheel, cover, or horn, why not check eBay first?


Not only will you only see products that are actually in stock and available, but you’ll be able to match them perfectly to your Toyota 86 model. It’s simple to shop online for car parts, and with eBay’s search filters, it’s easier than ever.


Different types of steering wheels

The main difference between Toyota 86 steering wheel varieties is the appearance. Here are some of the popular products you’ll find on eBay:


  • Silicone steering wheels
  • Original Toyota 86 steering wheels
  • Carbon fibre two-piece steering wheel boosters
  • Leather steering wheel covers
  • Universal covers
  • Slip protectors


Other important parts and accessories

You might also need some other parts and accessories to complete your steering column, such as:


  • Toyota 86 horns
  • Airbags
  • Hub adaptors
  • Paddle shifter extensions


No matter what you need, check out eBay today and make your car repairs or upgrades a whole lot easier.