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Steiff Teddy Bears

Collectable Steiff Teddy Bears

What sets Steiff apart from other toy companies?

Steiff have been in operation since 1874, the backbone of their company lies with founder Margarete Steiff, the collection is a vast range of animals, cartoon characters and other collectible toys. Since 1880 Steiff has ensured that their products are produced with the highest quality materials. The Steiff Purity Law ensures that all of Steiffs products were created with high quality plush material, which is a standard that all Steiff Toys still adhere to today.

How to recognise an authentic Steiff teddy bear or animal?

Today on eBay, you can find an extensive selection of Steiff cuddly toys for kids, teddy bears for babies, classic teddy bears, and limited edition teddy bears. Since original production, Steiff Teddy Bears have been produced with the button in the ear tag, making them easy to recognise, in addition to this, they have chest tags and ear tags. In some cases, especially with older Steiff products, a tag may have been taken out or fallen out, in these cases, checking the ear of a suspected Steiff toy for a hole in the ear is one way to identify a suspected Steiff product.

What are Steiff teddy bears made from?

Steiff teddy bears are made from an elite selection of materials, such as mohair, alpaca, cotton, velvet or woven fur, they adhere to incredibly high standards of hand-sewn quality and are hand-finished in Germany.

How to clean Steiff cuddly toys?

These toys should only be hand-washed, using a washcloth or rag, a warm cup of water, a gentle washing detergent and an optional wire brush. Avoid completely soak your toy, instead gently rub toy with rag and detergent and allow to air dry.

Where Can I find Steiff toys?

On eBay you can find a huge variety of vintage collectable or contemporary teddy bears from the Steiff teddy bear collection and other toy designers, whether you are looking for a present for a collector, or a thoughtful option for a baby Christening gift .