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Hooped earrings really accentuate your facial features and your overall outfit if worn correctly. You have to think about the size and the positioning on your ear to really get the most out of this fashion accessory. Luckily, sterling silver hoop fine earring come in range of different sizes for you to choose from.

What to Look Out for When Purchasing Sterling Silver Hoop Fine Earrings

It can be very difficult to know what to look for when buying sterling silver hoop fine earrings. First, you don’t want something that’s too big for your face shape, nor do you want something that’s too small either – you want the right shape that highlights your features and makes you look like a million bucks alongside your stunning outfit. Smaller hooped fine earrings suit almost everyone. Most small hooped fine earrings come in 8-20mm sizes (sometimes 22mm if you’re looking for a small-medium size). Medium sized hooped earrings, again, suit almost everyone if you’re going for the lower-end of the medium size spectrum, which ranges from approximately 24-32mm in size. Anything higher than this and you may need to figure out how it works with your overall face shape. Large sizes ranging from 40-50mm usually suit wearers with oval shaped faces the best but can still look fabulous on people with various other face shapes too.

The versatility of sterling silver, especially when it’s a neutral coloured accessory, allows you to wear them with anything you like. If you’re going out for a formal dinner, you can put these on against a flowing empire waist dress or a beautiful evening gown. If you’re looking to go to a more casual event or drinks at a bar, you can wear these with simple jacket, shirt and jeans trio combination. So, if you like the sound of these earrings in whichever shape described, go ahead and check out eBay’s range of sterling silver hoop fine earrings.