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Got one to sell?

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Apart from your bedroom and kitchen, the bathroom is the most visited area in your home. You visit your restroom often during the day, so you want it to look nice for yourself and for your guests. Imitate the look and feel of a natural day spa resort when you invest in a stone sink.

Types of stone basins

There are a range of stone basins that will suit your bathroom interior. The type you choose is dependent on your personal preference, budget and the interior of your room.

Composite stone: A combination of rocks and resin are moulded to any basin form. This is the most affordable option for most home owners and it is much more robust than moulded plastics.

Sandstone: These basins are usually hand-carved, and coated in heavy-duty resin. They are light-coloured and fragile, so the taps need to be mounted from the wall above.

Natural slate: Suitable for the wall or deck-mounted taps, natural slate is available in black or grey tones. It is popular due to its uneven and natural finish.

Black granite: As the name suggests, it is carved from black granite and leaves a highly polished surface.

Polished concrete: Cheaper than natural stone, polished concrete can be dyed different colours and can have a speckled, marbled or striped effect.

Advantages of buying a stone basin

A stone basin will last for years as they are extremely strong and durable. Unlike an acrylic bath that will crack or chip, a stone basin should retain its looks. If you accidentally damage it by chance, it would only suffer minor damages that can be instantly repaired. Stone also retains heat, so this means that if you decide to give yourself an impromptu steam facial, the water will stay much warmer in the sink for longer.

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