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Straight Razors

Straight Razors

New doesn’t always mean better. Lots of conventional shaving razors are available, featuring multiple-bladed heads, moisturising strips, and other bells and whistles. While they are great for the first couple of shaves, they tend to wear out rapidly. Straight razors, on the other hand, are reusable all throughout their lifetime, provided you maintain them well.


The simplicity of the straight razor is one of its key strengths. The blade is really the only thing you need to maintain. This makes it very robust and easy to own. Compared even to safety razors, straight razors give a superior shave so you can expect baby bum smoothness even on your first try. You typically pay once upfront when buying these razors, meaning costs are low if you don’t count shaving cream, foams, and gels. You will also be doing the earth a favour since they are not disposable.


Your blade is only as good as its edge. This is why honing your blade from time to time is the best thing to do. The blade edge actually consists of tiny points like saw teeth. Constant use can cause them to point out into all sorts of directions, so honing it will restore its quality. Do this with high grit whetstones such as a 4,000 or 8,000 grit combinations.


Stropping is the other stage of maintenance. It ensures that the blade edge is smooth and safe to use on the face. What it typically entails is running the edge flat against a smooth strip of leather in order to perfectly align the blade’s teeth for that high-quality shaving experience.

Keep It Simple

These blades can last a lifetime if you take care of them. You are definitely fine with a simple razor design, but if you want to treat yourself to an upgrade, there are stunning pieces available at a higher cost. If you’re the bearded type, you can also use other hair removal and shaving products apart from the straight razor to maintain your glorious facial hair.

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