Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Completing your collection of iconic Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Have you been searching far and wide for vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls to add to your collection, take a trip down memory lane or buy for the next generation of doll lovers in your family? Search no more, because eBay lists all sorts of classic scented Strawberry Shortcake dolls and accessories from the 1980s.

Different dolls

The much-loved Strawberry Shortcake collection of sweet dolls included characters and scenes such as Blueberry Muffin on Piano, Raspberry Tart in Car, Crepe Suzette at Stove, Angel Cake at Writing Desk, Purple Pie Man and of course the ultimate villain, Sour Grapes. Maybe you’re after Huckleberry Pie, Lemon Meringue or Orange Blossom? With any luck, you’ll find the Strawberry Shortcake collecter’s item you crave at eBay, not to mention many other varieties of antique dolls from as back as the 1930s.

Age, use & condition

Given these dolls tend to be 30+ years old, it is normal for them to have minor wear and tear, slight colour fading from the light or other visible signs of a doll’s long life. Of course that’s all part of the charm when you’re hunting down rare and special toys and dolls from the past. Sellers on eBay will generally list details about the item’s overall condition and any specific marks or damaged areas. Some dolls remain factory-sealed in the original box, while others have been on display yet well looked after.

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