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Street Directories

It can be tough to navigate a city when you have never been there before or if you are generally unfamiliar with the area. A street directory is a great way to stay informed about your location, find out how to reach your destination, discover new places to explore, and stay safe in an unfamiliar place. Street directories and atlases provide maps and local information that can be very useful to both travellers and daily commuters.

Detailed Maps

Street directories provide detailed maps of a city so you have a clear image of where you are, where you can go, and how you can get there. Larger travel maps and atlases give you a general view of a broader area, but street directories guide you with more detailed information. They commonly feature many pages that show every road and side street so you can stay on course or veer off a planned path without getting lost and being able to find your way back.

Paperback vs. Hardcover

Paperback street directories are ideal for travellers who wish to explore a new city on their own. You can easily carry and story these lightweight options without it adding too much onto your total luggage weight. On the other hand, some may prefer hardcover street directories for the durability, especially if you plan to use the guide on a regular basis. Most major cities have their own directory, and sometimes even the neighbourhoods have their own guide as well.


Street directories and atlases can have a very expansive range of features. Street directories tend to include many pages of detailed maps, showing every street in a city, as well as local landmarks, such as historical locations, public services, and tourist destinations. Atlases provide a broader view of an area, but may include terrain details and information on the local flora and fauna. Both types of guides usually include suggestions for tourists, such as food options, museums, galleries, and transit information.

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