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Training at Home

Fitness in Australia is big business, with plenty of Aussies taking the process of getting fit very seriously indeed. Gyms and fitness centres seem to have sprung up on every corner, offering everything from personal training sessions to Lycra-clad dance-based workouts. There are military-style boot camps in the park, joggers pounding the pavements, and pelotons of cyclists taking to the roads every weekend at dawn. But while some people take their path to fitness via the gym, others prefer to keep it all a bit more private, using their very own home gym.   Creating a gym at home can have plenty of benefits. For one thing, home gym users can save money month-to-month by not paying for a personal trainer or expensive gym memberships. Home gym users can also enjoy all the privacy they want, without having to share equipment with other sweaty gym goers. Lastly, having a home gym lets users work out whenever they want, or whenever their schedule allows. It’s also worth noting that it takes much less time to travel to the garage or spare room to work out, than it would to jump in the car and fight rush hour traffic.

Mixing Weights with Resistance

So, what kind of equipment is required to set up a home gym? The type of equipment needed will depend on the type of workout. For people who want to work on their cardio, home gym equipment such as rowers, exercise bikes, treadmills and ellipticals can be the best choice. For those who want to work on their strength, strength training equipment is required. Strength training equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, from strength training benches and dumbbells, to barbells and attachments, kettlebells, and strength training weight sets. There are pull up bars and push up stands, wrist and ankle weights, and strength training weighted vests. For an all-in-one home gym, there are strength training home gyms that offer a mix of weight and resistance workouts for the whole body.   Ready to start training? Featuring a whole heap of fitness, running and yoga equipment, eBay offers an awesome selection of new and used strength training equipment. Home to all the big name brands such as Energetics, Harbinger, Iron Gym and TheraBand, eBay makes it super easy to find all the gear needed to train at home, with home delivery and pick-up options available.