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Strength Training Equipment

Commit to fitness with the help of strength training equipment

If you’re setting out on the path to getting fitter, strength training equipment you can use easily at home can be a key ally in your quest. eBay has a huge range of products available that can help workout newbies and experienced fitness freaks smash personal bests.

Tools for strength training

You don’t have to be in your 20s to find strength training beneficial, as just two to three sessions a week for 30 minutes each can provide major health benefits, including increased muscle mass, stronger bones, more flexible joints and better balance.

Dumbbells are most commonly used to work on your biceps, chest and shoulders. They can help both the mechanical and metabolic muscle growth.

Weight benches are a must-have if you want to work on your bench presses or perform exercises that target different muscle groups that can be hard to reach using other methods of weight training. You can use weight benches for a range of exercises, even step ups and as a platform for pushups.

Pull up bars are ideal for beginners and advanced muscle training. If you can master the pull up, you’ll be able to strengthen your back muscles, arms and shoulders and your grip while improving your overall physical and mental health. You can attach them to the door, the wall or the ceiling.

Kitting out your home gym

If you want to have everything covered, home gyms can help you get all the muscle strengthening tools you need at home. A home gym can make it easier to stick to your exercise routine and helps you build muscle tone and strength.

Ready to put your fitness plans into action? Get in the shape of your life with the help of eBay's range of strength training equipment online.

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