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Studio Anna & Florenz Pottery

Studio Anna and Florenz Pottery

Pottery is a wonderful way to enhance the look and feel of your home and office. Studio Anna and Florenz pottery, all made in Australia, is a great way to start your collection. Both companies were active in Marrickville, Sydney and produced pleasant items with aboriginal motifs. Learn more about pottery and track some of the vintage pieces to complement your interior decor.

Studio Anna Pottery

Studio Anna pottery made some of the best pieces of Australian pottery, as these pieces reflect the history and landscapes. Karel Jungvirt, who trained as a ceramist and sculptor in Europe, arrived in Australia back in the 1950s and founded the company. In the mid-1950s, the pottery with fauna, flore, aboriginal motifs, landscapes, and landmarks was immensely popular not only in Australia, but worldwide. In the 60s, the studio switched to cookware and, in the 70s, to lamp bases. Thus, the pottery items are mainly from the 50s. You could purchase one of the reproductions of a Studio Anna and Florenz, or search for a piece among a myriad of other vintage original Australian pottery pieces.

Florenz Pottery

Florence Williams started her Florenz pottery even before Studio Anna, back in the 1930s. After her death in 1948, the owners changed several times and the company eventually shut down in 1980. Thus, you cannot find new pieces of this line pottery, just the vintage ones.

Types of Pieces

Pottery is a very versatile art and with imagination, the artist may create almost anything. The Studio Anna and Florenz pieces include many useful items, such as jugs, dishes, ashtrays, jars, and vases.


Nature and aboriginal motifs were the most common designs because their main goal was to serve as souvenirs that the tourists could take home from their trip to Australia. You can find many earthy tones, but also more elegant black and white pieces.