Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed Animals

For children young and older, there’s nothing more comforting than to snuggle up with their favourite stuffed animal when they’re sad or at nighttime when trying to fall asleep. Stuffed animals are one of the oldest and most simple toys still around but are always great for gift giving or for a special occasion. Many children love to collect stuffed animals and some even come in series to be able to collect a whole line. These plush toys can come as extremely large teddy bears or tiny little critters that can fit into a young child’s palm. They come in an array of colours and sizes, as well as subject matters. The more traditional stuffed animals including dogs, cats, farm animals like pigs, cows, ducks, horses, sea creatures like whales, seals, dolphins, turtles, dinosaurs of all kinds, birds and insects; the list is endless. There are also licensed plush toys for some of your child’s favourite cartoons and movies. Other lines like the Beanie Boos are widely popular with kids who enjoy collecting these soft little stuffed animals. They come in several sizes from tiny little plush keychains to larger stuffed animals. These are brightly coloured, sparkly critters with large eyes. They also come out with special releases for each of the main holidays.

Stuffed Animal Toys

Another slight variation on the traditional stuffed animal are stuffed animal toys. These toys are soft plush animals that have some engaging concept built into them. Whether it’s for an infant with crinkle paper, a mirror, or rattle, or for older kids where the stuffed animal is a robotic animal, stuffed animal toys are a popular toy for all children. Stuffed animal toys are the best of both worlds because children can have the security of snuggling with a plush toy but are also able to interact with it and play with the toy for hours. There is a whole slew of toys that fall under this category, similar to regular stuffed animals. No matter what your child likes, you are sure to find the right stuffed animal that they will love forever.