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Subaru Car and Truck Wheels

The wheels are the only point of contact between a driver and the road. Therefore, they should never be an afterthought when it comes to automobile ownership. Subaru car and truck wheels can either be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket and each come in a range of sizes and designs. When installing new wheels or replacing the tyres on your Subaru, be sure you have the proper tools and equipment as well.

Subaru Car and Truck Aftermarket Wheels

Many owners choose to customise their Subaru with aftermarket wheels. Not only do aftermarket wheels help personalise your vehicle, they may also offer better performance, too. Aftermarket wheels also come in a far greater range of pricing; some target below the price of OEM Subaru wheels, while others are a greater investment. Many aftermarket brands are available and are popular with both Subarus and other automobile manufacturers, so they are often not specific to only Subarus. Regardless of your desired aftermarket wheels and tyres, they give your vehicle some unique styling.

Subaru Car and Truck Tyres

If you are only looking to change the tyres on your wheels, then be sure you know the measurements of your tyre and the style of tyre you are searching for. Tyres are measured and typically listed by three numbers; first, the tyre’s width, second, the ratio of sidewall height to width, and finally, the size of the wheel it is intended to fit. It is important to know these measurements when replacing tyres. Along with the measurements, tyres can be all-season or strictly for winter use. All seasons tyres are most popular for owners that do not deal with a lot of snowfall.

Subaru Car and Truck Wheel Tools

If you plan on installing new wheels yourself, then you will need specific tools to remove wheels and tyres and replace them. A jack and jack stands are imperative, too, for safe tyre replacement and are useful for countless other things, like oil changes, painting, storage, and more. Subaru car and truck tool sets can help you get started with the other tools required for wheel repairs and replacements.

Subaru Car and Truck Wheel Accessories

In addition to aftermarket wheels, many owners personalise their Subarus with wheel accessories. Subaru Car and Truck Tyre Accessories include special lock nuts, tyre inflation caps, special paints to coat the wheels in a different colour. Some accessories are more practical, like pressure gauges and emergency pumps.

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