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Got one to sell?

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Succulent Plant Cuttings

You might wonder how is it possible to buy living succulent plants on eBay? The important feature of a succulent is the ability to endure transportation conditions. Most succulents have strong stems, thick water-storing leaves and withstand going without water for some time. Therefore they can go through the post with no problem. The main thing to be aware of is customs and quarantine regulations about bringing live plant material into your region. Find out what can and cannot be shipped to you. While you wait for the plants to ship, you can prepare your pots or garden beds for them.

Partial Shade Succulent Plants

For most people, succulents bring to mind hot sun and deserts. However you might live in a cold, wet place, or wanting plants for a site that has little direct sun such as a patio or under a tree. Alternatively you might be looking for indoor plants. There is a range of well-known partial shade succulents or wholly shade tolerant succulents that can suit your situation. Be aware that often the colours will develop less in shady conditions. Do you have a bright windowsill or tabletop near a window? They can be great locations for a succulent display. Some shade-tolerant succulents will burn in hot sun so check your site and the plant's requirements first. Some examples of shade tolerant types of succulents can be found in the following groups: Agave (attenuata, bracetosa, celsii), Portulacaria afra, Gasteria acinacifolia, Crassula (multicava, ovata), Aeonium (kiwi, urbicum), Aloe (vera, grandidentata, maculata, aristata), Echeveria derenbergii, Sempervivum arachnoideum, Sedum (ternatum), the Haworthias, Sanseveria trifasciata, Kalanchoe and Pedilanthus. For succulents that cascade, such as in hanging baskets or over rock walls, try Hoya (wax plant), Rhipsalis (mistletoe cactus), Hatirora (Easter cactus), Epiphyllum or Hylocereus (blooming cereus).

Echeveria Succulent Plants

Echeveria succulent plants are one of the biggest groups of succulents. They are a type of Crassula from South America. Echeverias take the form of beautiful rosettes of fleshy leaves that come in practically every colour. They often have contrasting tips, such as light green or blue leaves with pink, violet, orange or red edges. The flowers are also brilliantly contrasting. In addition, the edges of the leaves are often frilly, undulating, and other interesting shapes. For these reasons, Echeveria are very popular for interior design statements and sculpted gardens.

Flowering Cactus and Succulent Plants

Cacti are like the succulents but with the addition of spines. The shapes of cacti are the usual attraction, as they have aesthetically pleasing and often strange geometries from pentagonal 'cushions' to balls, rosettes and tall hairy towers. Most people forget that cactus plants can bear magnificent flower displays. The flowers usually have a metallic appearance, and come in red, orange, yellow, pink, mauve, magenta and white. They are available for purchase as seeds or living plants.

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